Sunday, October 23, 2011

Christmas Time

While it aggravates the stuffing out of me to start seeing Christmas stuff out in the stores before Halloween is even here, I do realize that if you are a crafter, you do have to get started early.

I was thinking about making bracelets for my daughter and grand daughter. I may still give it a try. I was thinking about making my daughter one with a larger, kind of Hello Kitty-ish face as the focal point, and my grand daughter one with smaller faces linked together so that it goes all the way round with little kitty faces. They are both Hello Kitty crazies.*L*

I also thought about making some red and green pieces, maybe for myself, or maybe even to sell. I came across one that I did 2 or 3 years ago that I really do like. I didn't use the traditional red and green, but more of a garnet red and olivine green and gold. It is a little more narrow than I like to wear, but I still love the way it looks in those colors.  I was going to post a picture of this piece, but I cannot find it. I just had it a couple of days ago, what the heck did I do with it!? *Smacks head on the desk and couple of times* Nope, that didn't help, still can't remember where I put it.

This is what happens when you start getting old, people.Just letting you know. Smacking my head against my desk like that probably doesn't help, either.
If I come across that bracelet again, I will post the picture.

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  1. ROFL Of all the ways to take after your mother that is the one I'd least advise. Just say "reach" and go on about your business. It'll come to you.