Monday, November 7, 2011

Look! UFO's!

This morning I was trying to decide what I wanted to work on. I thought about Christmasy earrings. Earrings are fast,  easy to make, and a lot of people give them as gifts or want them for themselves for parties.

First, I had to find some beads that remind me of Christmas. So off I went to my office to look for beads.

I moved a little over a year ago, and I have no idea what is in some of the boxes in the closet. All I can tell you is that they contain beading supplies, and some finished jewelry. I know this because my beading supplies, my computer, a couple of pots and pans, a set of dishes and my clothes are all I packed into my car. My computer is set up, obviously. All the kitchen stuff is in the kitchen and my clothes are in my closet. That only leaves the beading supplies still in boxes.

So, anyway, as I was digging through a box, I came across the bag you see above. It is full of UFO's,(unfinished objects , or in my case, unidentified finished objects.I know they are finished because everyone of them has a clasp on them.) I sat down, opened the bag and started pulling things out. A lot of it is tangled and mangled, and I don't have the inclination, at the moment, to try to untangle them, so I tried to figure out what all was in the mass of tangled mess just by looking at it, turning it over and over in my hands. No luck. I have no idea what is in there. I can't even distinguish one piece from another. I pulled out more pieces that were not a part of the tangled mass and wondered what on earth I was trying to do with this thing? Or, what the heck was I thinking when I did this? What possessed me to even buy those ugly things, let alone try to make something from them!

I thought I might find something in the bag that I could take apart and use for today's project. No such luck. I spent a good half hour going through this bag, only to throw it back in the box and continue my search.

I discovered 2 more UFO bags in the bottom of one of the boxes. I think I am going to go see if I can figure out what is in them and maybe, just maybe, I will find something in one of them that I can use.

Happy Monday, ya'll! Have a good day.

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  1. If I ever get finished going through my "salvage" and UFO boxes I'll have more beads than I have space to sort them. I have a plastic shoe box full of each. Hope you find something that is a perfect fit for what you have in your mind to make for Christmas.